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The Handbook of Anatomy – Contributors Required

MD+ Book Publishing is a boutique healthcare publishers created by doctors for doctors. We first met the MD+ Team at the London Book Fair earlier this year and we caught up with them earlier this week ahead of the launch of their new website in July.

Tell Us About Yourselves
MD+ was created after our founders had written a number of medical textbooks for large publishing companies and found the lack of control over the final, published product very frustrating. We are all doctors and had spent lots of our time creating great content but then had no say about the layout, cover design and other parts of the book that we felt were really important. We also wanted a way to involve our friends and colleagues in both the writing and publishing process.

Who Have You Collaborated With?
We have been very fortunate to be able to involve both medical students and practising doctors in many of our books. All of our book editors begin as contributors so that we get to know their work and know that they can successfully make deadlines. We have worked with doctors in the United Kingdom together with the United States, Canada, Australia and Sweden making for a brilliantly diverse group of authors who offer unique perspectives and writing styles.

Vivas In Surgical Anatomy Coming July from MD+ Publishing

Vivas In Surgical Anatomy Coming July from MD+ Publishing

What Projects Are You Working On Currently?
Our books and publishing style became very popular through word-of-mouth and we are actually having to turn down pitches for book ideas so we can focus on our current phase of books.
We will be launching our Postgraduate Surgical Revision series next month with some really great question books written by surgeons. Vivas in Surgical Anatomy features over 50 HD cadaveric spot tests and is accompanied by a forward by Professor Harold Ellis. Communication Skills in Surgery tackles an area that the authors felt was lacking in surgical education and examination revision and features unique communication transcripts and breakdowns of conversations to help to simulate surgeon and patient interactions.

The Handbook of Clinical Anatomy is looking for medcruits

The Handbook of Clinical Anatomy is looking for medcruits

What Projects Are You Sharing With Medcruits?
We have a few really great books in the early stages of publication. For medical students and doctors we have the Handbook of Clinical Anatomy which features cadaveric images together with concise, ‘quick-look’ anatomy information with a focus on anatomy that applied to clinical medicine.
We also have a few specialised texts for more senior doctors sitting postgraduate examination including both Anaesthetic MCQ and Trauma and Orthopaedic MCQ books.
Finally we have a really fantastic public engagement book that medics at all stages of training can contribute to called Medical Stories. On the back of the recent junior doctor contract negotiations in the United Kingdom the book authors are looking to continue the feeling of unity amount doctors by creating a humorous and heart-warming text featuring stories from both students and practising doctors. From what we have seen so far the contributions have been incredible and made us both laugh and cry.

Stay tuned for more interviews with some of our project creators and Medcruiters.


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