Medcruit Interviews: Healthcare Startup Society (HS.)

Healthcare Startup Conference – Helpers Required

Are you interested in healthcare startups? Do you have a great idea for a healthcare app, website or business but don’t know what to do next? We interview HS. the healthcare startup gurus who have used Medcruit to find medics for their organisation.

Tell Us About Yourselves
The Healthcare Startup Society (HS.) and Labs (HSL) were founded by a team of doctors in the United Kingdom who found it difficult finding advice, mentors and funding for their respective healthcare startups.
Moreover we found that there were lots of extremely talented junior doctors who wanted to diversify their existing medical skills but couldn’t find co-founders or existing startups that they could join to learn from and grow their own skills.
HSS membership is FREE and our team is passionate about connecting medics with funding, mentors and advice on anything startup-related. Whether you already have a company, just have an idea or simply want to get involved with existing startups to learn HSS is here to help you.

Who Have You Collaborated With?
Although many junior doctors might be feeling down following the recent contract negotiations the transferrable skills that medicine affords doctors is invaluable. The intense bootcamp that training as a doctor provides improves communication skills, leadership and teamwork together with testing your own resilience and really stretching you as an individual. All of these are a great starting platform for entrepreneurs.

We have lots of great start-ups and entrepreneurs in the HSS family with everything from medics who have set up non-medical businesses to non-medics who have invented medical devices.

HS. recommend reading and investing in yourself as much as you can before taking the leap into startups

HS. recommend reading and investing in yourself as much as you can before taking the leap into startups

What Projects Are You Working On Currently?
The Healthcare Startup Society has grown rapidly and our membership will always remain FREE so there really is no excuse not to join now.

We will be putting on our first international event in London in December. HSC1 that will focus on providing key skills for anyone wishing to get involved with medical startups.

We will also be recognizing outstanding achievements in Healthcare Startups with our annual awards. Voting for which is now open.

We don’t think there has ever been a better time to be a healthcare professional involved in startups. According to recent San Francisco and New York Healthcare Venture Capital Funds Q1 of 2016 has already seen a record $1.8billion invested in healthcare startups. Digital health continues to grow with data-driven startups and wearable tech completely changing how patient health is analysed and delivered and how patients connect with clinicians.

We’re currently looking for HS. conference volunteers who will receive free registration to our HSC1 in London on 17th December.

What Is HS.’s Unique Selling Point (USP)?
We focus on medics and non-medics who want to revolutionise healthcare.
We really want to help as many startups as possible and even if you are not sure where to start why not take a look at our Book Club to find some inspiration and join up stating you are looking for a project even if you don’t have anything definite yet.


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