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Medcruit was created by a team of doctors passionate about portfolio careers and collaborating on healthcare projects. Our mission is to bring together healthcare professionals to collaborate on medical projects and to discover opportunities to expand their CVs, knowledge and enjoyment of practising medicine.

For Healthcare Professionals: Browse, Bookmark, Create An Alert, Share and Collaborate On Healthcare Projects

You can quickly browse the latest projects from the homepage. You can also search for specific projects by using the search function. From within the search menu you can filter your search by the type of project and on what skills are required.

Projects are divided according to how much of your time will be required and what type of commitment will be needed. All projects fall into:

Clinical = This project involves in-work commitments such as an audit, research or quality improvement project
Full Time = This job will require full time employment. You will need time out of training or a career change in order to apply.
Spare-Time = This can be done outside of work in your spare time and does not require a full-time commitment.
Team-Up = Specifically for early-stage projects and healthcare startups team-up projects are looking for like-minded individuals with certain skills to help get a project started.
Voluntary = This project is for a good or charitable cause. This could be a team fundraising project or sporting event for charity.

If you want to bookmark/save projects, add notes or set up the alerts feature (see below) you will need to create an account. You can also share project pages on social media to highlight to your friends that you will be joining.

2. Create An Account

Creating an account with Medcruit is easy. The social login feature allows you to login quickly and you’ll be browsing, bookmarking and applying for projects in no time! Upon login you can access your account, update your details, upload a CV/resume, view projects you have applied for and view your Favourites and Alerts.


You can click the bookmark button visible on any project page to bookmark and save the event to your Favourites area. This is great if you are not quite ready to commit and want to review some other options first.

4. Alerts

We know that even with all projects listed it can still be easy to miss out. The alerts tool allows you to minimise the risk of this happening by enabling you to set up specific terms that you will be alerted to as new projects are published on the site and deadlines approach. You can add projects to your My Alerts page by clicking the ‘add alert’ text located on project pages. You can also set up specific criteria using categories and tags from within your My Alerts area to customise what you are alerted to and how you receive alerts.

5. Browse Employers/Project Creators

Some project creators have multiple projects and you may want to view only projects that they have posted. From within your account you can quickly browse all project creators and employers by name.

6. Upload Your CV

If you are actively seeking a project, alternative employment or portfolio career you can upload a copy of your CV/resume from within your account. CVs are secured and are only visible to registered employers/project creators.
You can import your details from LinkIn, upload a photo and tag skills that you feel are appealing to employers/project creators. These might include medical skills and also self-taught skills such as app design or event management skills.
Project creators and employers can then headhunt you for certain projects depending on your skills.


For Employers and Project Creators: Post a Project or Job, Browse CVs and Connect With healthcare Professionals

1. Create An Account

Creating an account with Medcruit is easy. The social login feature allows you to login quickly or you can register at the same time as posting your project to reduce your time spent entering information.

2. Post Your Project

Posting a project using Medcruit is super simple. Simply fill in the details and make your project page as engaging as possible. Set a deadline if you wish and then sit back and wait for candidates to apply for your project.