Docicity was created by a surgeon in the United Kingdom after he became fed up missing out on conference deadlines and attending courses with no way to provide feedback to future delegates. He also ran courses for doctors and found promoting events to be a real pain and the process of collecting sign-ups and organising registration to be needlessly difficult. Having experienced both sides of the problem the option was simple: to create a system that allowed for effective, targeted promotion of events that could be reviewed by delegates and that enabled delegates to be notified of approaching deadlines and track important events.


What we are looking for

Docicity are looking for a community manager to join the Docicity team

What it entails

Our community manager will be liaising with event providers and adding events to the website and app

Skills required

  • Great communication skills
  • A passion for healthcare startups
  • Able to work independently and adhere to deadlines

Tagged as: Start Up, Technology

About Docicity

Docicity helps you search, rate and keep track of medical courses, conferences, deadlines and events to help you improve your CV and continue your professional development