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Medical Stories: A Public Engagement Text

Following the recent junior doctor strikes and contract disputes a group of doctors pitched us an idea that we loved to convey back to the public what life as a medical student and junior doctor is actually about.

The book features humorous, exciting and heart-warming stories from medical students and junior doctors and is aimed at both medics and non-medics. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with writing to a mass market and we are very excited about the project. Please read the details below and click apply if you feel you are up to the task.


What we’re looking for

We are looking for contributors with engaging writing styles to write a short story (2000-5000 words) about their time as a medical student or junior doctor.

Who can apply?

Absolutely anyone


Contributors are encouraged to be as creative as possible. The story may be written in 1st or third person in prose or diary/date format.

Choice of Story

You will likely have a number of brief stories of patient interactions and might find it tricky choosing a specific story that correlates with the above word count. We suggest that you may like to either write separate stories, use a diary format (multiple encounters on different days or a ward round) or think of a way to accommodate multiple encounters into a single short story. Don’t feel like you need to cram in lots of stories, a single descriptive, reflective account with solid characters and an easy to read flow will likely be well received by readers.


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